Workout With The Kids

Workout With The Kids


Have you heard of the saying those that train together, stay together. Well this could not be more true at this point in time. Your Kids need some exercise and activity too. So I have comprised a body weight circuit that you can do at home with your kids. Include the whole family, it doesn’t matter how young or old they are, it will be fun for the whole family.

I am taking my kids on theirs bikes every morning when I head out for a run form now on. They are going a little stir crazing of late due to being at home all the time. We head out on the bike track around our house. We complete 8 km or more. There is no one around at the time we go and we keep to our social distance measures.  It is now our little family daily exercise tradition. I love to run and the kids get fresh air and some freedom on their bikes.


Workout With The Kids


On completion of our ride we complete a little weights circuit. And here is the one we completed today:


We completed 1 min of each exercise.
No rest between exercises.
Repeat the circuit twice through.


  • Frog jumps

  • mountain climbers

  • ball slams or jump squats

  •  burpee

  • crunches

  • push ups

  • hands and knees superman holds


How Many Times A Week Should I Run?/
How Many Times A Week Should I Run?/


On completion of our training session we did a little stretch and then had breakfast.

Best way to start the day!