Who Likes Listening To Podcasts For Motivation?

Who Likes Listening To Podcasts For Motivation?

Do you like Motivational Podcasts.? Yes or No? I am actually love them at the moment. They have been my savour whilst in Isolation. I exercise to them, I run while listening to them and some of them actually can change my mood and energy level.

I have been listening to many and they are all very different. From life, to love, to business, to finance (I know it sounds boring but some are not) They can bring you from a depressive state to a lifted motivation to actually go out and do something worthwhile.

I even workout whilst listening to a Podcast, it kind of makes me feel like I am in the room with other people (like I am in the busy gym).  So it makes me want to train a little harder! Let’s be honest how many of you go to the gym and ears drop on what people are talking about. It happens all the time. People pretend to not be listening but lets face it we know they are. Well listening to a podcast is kind of like that. You are ears dropping on someone else’s conversation, taking notes and  laughing. You feel like you have company and somewhat connected to what they are saying. So trust me on this. Turn off the TV for a bit and listen to something that interests you. You never know you might learn something and you will feel more connected to either the conversation or more connected to yourself.


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Podcasts I listen to:

  •  Girls Gotta Eat  These girls are great. Honest, funny and truthful.
  • Love Life With Mathew Hussey
  • Levelling up with Natalie Jill
  • The ATP Project’s Podcast
  • The Growth Now Movement
  • Unstoppable with Kerwin Rae


But there are plenty out there. Just take some time to listen.