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Workout With The Kids

Workout With The Kids   Have you heard of the saying those that train together, stay together. Well this could not be more true at this point in time. Your Kids need some exercise and activity too. So I have comprised a body weight circuit that you can do at home with your kids. Include […]

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My Life In Sweat Pants

My Life In Sweat Pants   I spent my life in sweat pants even before Covid-19.  I am a self confessed lazy dresser, who lives in either exercise wear or sweat pants. My close friends laugh about it and they even suggest that I should Be- dazzle them. If I  had a Be- dazzler I […]

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Have You Completed Your Home Workout Today ?

Have You Completed Your Home Workout Today ?   So we are all aware that gyms are closed. So I will re ask my question. Have you completed your home workout today? If your answer was NO then I can help you with that. Here is your workout for today.   Home Workout Circuit If […]

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