“Stay At Home” 6 Week Exercise Challenge

“Stay At Home”

6 Week Exercise Challenge


The start of Term 2 of 2020 is actually going to be different. We are all going to be safe at home. Kids will be schooling from home and we will be working from home.  It is important though for us to exercise at home. So I have organised a 6 week at home exercise challenge. I understand that it is a very weird time emotionally, mentally and physically. It is totally ok to be feeling all emotions in one day. I go from I am ok, to then being completely not in the matter of an hour. I go from being really productive for a couple of hours with work and exercise, to then not being able to get off my bed. We have to give ourselves some time and compassion.We are all just trying to to be our best in an uncertain time.


 I will advertise myself here.

Exercise does have its benefits in times like this. It is vital for health and your own well being. Gyms have been closed now for a while and you might find it hard to get motivated to do some form of exercise. But with zoom or face time Personal Training session you might be able to change this. 


We now have time to actually achieve some goals that we have been putting on the back burner. Have you wanted exercise and  health to be a priority but you never had time available to concentrate on it. Time is not an excuse now. We have time to focus on our weaknesses and build on them. You don’t have people around to make judgement of you. It is just you at home working on yourself in a positive way.

Dig deep into you thoughts.  Listen to your inner self talk and write down some goals. There should be no judgement placed on self improvement right now or ever. If you want to start doing things differently for yourself and wanting to change your habits for the better, do it!

Make time to find the form of exercise you enjoy doing. I am a big believer in love what you do.  Consistency is easy when you love what you do. And if you cant exercise in a way that you want to right now, use this time to try something different. You may find another form of movement or exercise that you never knew that you enjoyed because previously never had the time.  Variety in exercise is also key.

The reason behind the 6 Week Challenge is because for the foreseeable future we are in this situation at least til then. We know that every thing is changing daily but let us just concentrate for the next 5 and a half weeks (because it is Wednesday already) on exercise and improving our health.

So we are in Week 1 and this week I want you focus on “Movement”.

Movement is the best way to start. It improves your body in many ways.  To Physically feel better and less lazy. Mental clarity to actually feel more in the “now” and less anxious and depressed. Movement in walking the dog, riding the bikes with your kids or heading out for a long run. Spend at least 30 minutes moving every day.

I have been running everyday without fail. I have been running 8 km every day. The kids come with me on the bikes. With headphones in I ring a friend. Ring a friend and chat the whole way. Friends with common interests are great. They are motivating and encouraging of your goals and achievements. Majority of the time when I am out running  they are running at the same time also. Running and chatting is great.

So even though the title says challenge. Challenge is just a tag line. I don’t want to challenge you, Helping is more of what I am about.