Start The Week Running.

Start Your Week Running /


Start The Week Running.

Running is really not as hard as you may first think. It increases  your endurance and cardiovascular fitness. It  builds muscle and is the best form of exercise to maintain optimal body fat composition. Running strengthens the heart and improves your overall mood.  And who would not want that? A “runners high” that euphoric feeling you feel when finished an awesome run.

Running is very much a learned behaviour. You have to condition the body to run. My best tips to running are to start slow and gradually increase distance and pace. But like I said before and I will say again. ” Once you start your training, keep it going.” The reason why you have not enjoyed running before is because you keep starting and stopping and the body cant keep up and doesn’t like the drastic changes. So allow time. Allow time for run training and allow yourself to feel the benefits from sticking to it.

Start Your Week Running/
Start Your Week Running/

This weeks Running Program is as Follows:


  •   2 x 4 km Runs during the Week

  • These runs can be jogging/walking but I have increased the distance by 1 km from last week.


  • 1 x Interval Session during the Week

  • 200 metre Sprint followed by 100m Walk recovery for the total distance of 3 km. (This can be completed on the Treadmill)


  • 1 x Longer Run Preferably on the Weekend

  • at least over 5 km jogging/walking  when required but make sure you complete you target distance (which can be completed on the Weekend).
Start Your Week Running/
Start Your Week Running/


  • 1 x Running Circuit during the Week

  • Single leg Sit to Stand x 8 each side
  • Touch Forward Push Ups x 10
  • Side plank – Hold 30 seconds each side
  • Bur pee x 10
  • Repeat the Circuit 3 times with 1 km Running between sets.


This is a busy Week of Running if you complete the full Training Program.  Please make sure to stretch after each session. Remember Stretching is just as important. I will be blogging more on stretching and foam roller and trigger point release next week.

Happy Training x