“Running” is not a Swear Word!

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 “Running” is not a Swear Word!

I know most people think that Running is a swear word.

And why would someone like it!

Anyone can learn to love running…. Trust me.


Running is a weird phenomenon that people always believe is hard, unteachable and impossible. Let me tell you that this is not the case. Anyone can learn to enjoy running. Even my Aunties (over 60 years old) learnt to love running at a later age in life. Everything is possible if you run form your heart and for your mind. Allow yourself time to progress slowly and remember to always listen to your body. It will cue you when you are tired, over-trained, when you need to stretch and when to rest.

Lesson 1

Get dressed in your running attire and lace up the shoes, your running adventures are about to begin. You can start on the treadmill at the gym or outside in the elements. It is your choice where you run because the program you follow and the training will be the same regardless.

So lets get started….

Lesson One is all about getting out there and having a go. Your inner voice is always going to be there, telling yourself you cant because you are too old, too tired,too busy and you don’t know how too.  Let me just stop you there, now is the time to shut that voice up and block out those negative thoughts and do something for yourself because you want to and because you can!

Running is not HARD!

What you find hard  initially, improves over time with consistency.   Your cardio vascular fitness level increases and improves each week you stick at you running program. Your strength and conditioning increases after each run you complete. The initial soreness that you feel starts to dissipates with the more running and stretching you continue to do.

The Secret here is Once you start, don’t stop!

Running is not a swear word/www.justtessa.com
Running is not a swear word/www.justtessa.com https://www.justtessa.com/

Week 1

  • Plan to Run 3 times during the week.
  • Plan your days and make them non consecutive if possible.  (Eg Monday, Wednesday and Saturday )
  • 3 km of walk/ running. By this I mean, start out jogging until you feel the need to walk. Walk only until you regain your breath no longer, then speed it up to a jog again. Continue this process until you reach your 3 km’s.
  • Once you have completed your run, ensure you stretch your Calves, Hamstrings, Quadriceps and Glutes.
  • Ensure you have water and drink plenty of fluids before and after your run.

Trust me it is not as hard as you think!

But it is so worth it!