Running Goals Are Important And Here Is Why?

Running Goals Are Important And Here Is Why?/

Running Goals Are Important And Here Is Why ?

Running is therapeutic and mentally satisfying, that is for sure. But it is the first thing to fall by the way side when you get super busy, unless you are chasing a goal. For most of you, goals  keep you on track. That goal continually sits in the back of your head and every single time you want to miss a run you don’t, why? Because you have a goal and that goal is important to you and you want to achieve it.


Running Goals Are Important And Here Is Why?/
Running Goals Are Important And Here Is Why?/

Goals are important for running but you also need to be:


* Specific

You have to have a specific goal, don’t just generalise it into “I want to Run” because you will not end up running. You have to be specific about how far you want to run and how many days you want to run. Write down your specific running goal and do everything possible to achieve it.

*Have no Doubts

People often have doubts about their goals before starting them. This is the first sign of failure before you even start. When you have doubts it means that you don’t believe in yourself. You are setting yourself up to fail before you evn start. Now who is guilty of that?

*Work hard and Be Committed

One reason why some people don’t reach their running goals is purely for the fact that they don’t work hard enough at it. They will procrastinate and find everything else to do other then what they need to be doing. Work hard and be committed to your goals. Successful runners work hard and always commit to every single training session no matter what.

*Don’t give up too soon

Most runners or beginner runners give up on their goals way to soon. Running take times, time to enjoy it and to feel fitter enough to love it. You have to stick at it long enough to see your goals and results. Don’t give up to early, trust the process.

Running Goals Are Important And Here Is Why?/
Running Goals Are Important And Here Is Why?/


Running Goals can be weekly, monthly or 6 monthly depending on what you are wanting to achieve. Here are some example Running Goals.


Weekly Run Goal

Complete 4 runs during your week. They have to be at least 3 kms in distance. Small weekly running goals keep you on track, especially during a busy work week. Try to make your runs at the same time and day every week and roster it in to your timetable and weekly schedule. That way you will never miss a session.


Monthly Run Goal

To be able to run 7 km – 10 km  running loop by the end of the month. You have set the distance you want to achieve and you can schedule smaller training runs through the week, so by the end of the month you can run a longer distance. You may even what to enter a Running Festival or a Running Event and complete the running distances that they have on offer. This helps keeps your motivation levels high and after the event you will feel accomplished.


6 Monthly Goal

This is where you set a scary goal. Set something big! Something that is scary and makes you feel a little sick when you first sign up. Organise and plan to succeed and go and do it! Do the work and achieve the goal. Succeed for yourself and yourself alone.


The Body Can Do Anything That The Mind Believes!


Think about what you want to get out of your running. Set goals and chase them x