My Life In Sweat Pants

My Life In Sweat Pants


I spent my life in sweat pants even before Covid-19.  I am a self confessed lazy dresser, who lives in either exercise wear or sweat pants. My close friends laugh about it and they even suggest that I should Be- dazzle them. If I  had a Be- dazzler I probably would. No, just kidding I will stick to my Victoria Secret, Adidas and Puma sweat pants. That way I look half normal.

So my day in sweat pants looks a little like this lately:

  • wake up early still, not as early as 4.30 am because I am not working. It is closer to 6-7 am as I have all day to complete my workout and daily chores.
  • make a coffee and head straight for the Bike Trainer for 40 min while checking  Fb, Insta and Tik Tok.
  • then I put on my  runners and get on the treadmill to run for 30 mins. I have an old treadmill at home. It has this constant incline so running is tough.
  • next I complete a small weight Circuit.

I completed this today:

  • Bent over Row (with kettle bell) x 10
  • Plie  squat (with kettle bell) x 12
  • Bicep to Press (Dumb Bells) x 12
  • Burpee x 10

My daily workouts are not always spectacular, but something is always better than nothing.  One iof my goals is to work out everyday during this self isolation/ stay at home period. I get up everyday and do something. The kids are even starting to follow along by riding their bikes or run on the treadmill. Who knew that parents are the best role models for children ?

My Life In Sweat Pants


After all the exercise I work on my Business and the message I want to portray with Just Tessa (in my sweat pants of course). I want to send the message that fitness is not about looks, but

  • How you feel in your skin and in your head.
  • How exercise makes you happy and feel better from the inside out.
  • That Exercise is a copying mechanism to mental health and prosperity.
  • That having a supportive group of friends and companions make this journey easier and funnier.
My Life In Sweat Pants


Everyday I  spend an hour or two relaxing. I either watch a movie with the kids or meditate and I have been trying to teach my children how to meditate for about 6 months now. Now I have time to do it. I use guided meditation podcasts. They are great and easy to use. It is just about finding the one that suits you best.

Then right before dinner it is 30 mins in the Sauna and 30 mins in the spa. How lucky  am I to have them at home. I find them relaxing and very detoxing. They are great for the body and the mind.


My Life In Sweat Pants

Lastly, I try to sleep however lately, I am struggling with my sleep pattern.  I can’t switch my brain off, especially at night time. I am finding everything replaying over and over in my head. Then my anxieties are in overdrive and I toss and turn all night. I am not complaining about this as I believe a lot of people are in the same situation. It is how we get through it and what we learn from it that heals us.

I wanted to share this, as what we see on social media, is not always a true indication of someone’s whole life. We only see the happy snippets. Life is probably more dramatic than that. For example, I have been looking after myself physically and mentally through my movements but I still have several panic attacks, several nights without sleep and have even had days in bed where I have not wanted to do anything at all.

Life is about balance. A balancing act that is way harder than it looks.

Am I right?