Movement Matters

Movement Matters


Movement matters especially in times like this. When you are stuck at home unable to go to the gym or your usual exercise class. You will need to move your body at home. Now some of you may not have had to do this before. It may seem hard and very different. But you can easily do this. Put your anxieties aside and roll out your mat and grab some weights, crank some tunes and move your body. Here are some easy mat exercises to do in the comfort of your own home. You can use light weights but you can just do it without weights.


Movement Matters

Movement today includes:

Walk forward/ walk back (inch worms) x 5

single leg dead lift (balance) there is no need to have weights. Concentrate on balance and lengthening the body x 10

X jumps  x  10 (jump up and then bend down and touch opposite hand to toe)

Touch forward push ups x 10

Mountain climber x 20

Bridges x 20 (pulses)

Supine Lying Rock knees side to side x 20

Reverse curls x 20

crunches x 10

Hamstring stretch (hold 30 seconds)


Repeat the exercises twice with little to no rest between each exercise. Relax at the end of the exercises and do some easy breathing exercises to switch off and release any stress that you may be holding on to during this time.


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