How To Add Interval Running Into Your Program

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How To Add Interval Running Into Your Program


Running Intervals are Hard but Fun.

Intervals are easy to schedule into your week.

Intervals are easier when completed on a Treadmill at the Gym


If you are a busy working Mum like myself and don’t have time to spend hours running distances outside or on the treadmill. I am here to tell you that you do not have to. You can shorten your training time with Interval Run Training. Interval Training sessions are harder than normal running sessions, but they are so worth the extra effort. You will also benefit form the increased Strength and Endurance that you achieve with this type of Training.

How to Add Interval Running /
How to Add Interval Running Into Your Program /

Your Running Program This Week is:

  • Complete 2 x 3 km run blocks in the week.
  • And 1 Interval Session.
  • Intervals are easier to do on a Treadmill as you can change the speed and you can just run accordingly to the pace.  You need to complete 5 km of Intervals and you will be alternating from a Sprint Pace to a Jog Pace.
  • 200m  running at Sprint Pace then 100m running at Jog Pace.
  • Not going to lie to you this is a Hard Session but such a Feel Good session.

Enjoy Your Running Sessions this Week