Home Exercise Program

 Home Exercise Program

It is Easter Long Weekend and we are all at home because we can’t go anywhere but I have something for you all to do. A  home exercise program that is easy to do with very little equipment. I wrote this program for myself to make me accountable at home with my weight training. I love to run and bike ride so it is very easy for me to do both of those daily without any effort. Weight training for me is a little more difficult and I actually need to be more motivated and follow a set program because I have a tendency of just finishing up half way through my weight training. It is not because I don’t enjoy training, it is just more challenging for me so it is easier to give up. Especially when I am not in a gym, with constant atmosphere and motivation.

This Program is Weights only as I would like you to all keep up with your cardio. So walk everyday for 30-40 mins, go for a bike ride or if you have equipment at home. Sweet, you are sorted! If you don’t have any weights, kettle bells or medicine ball you could use cans of foods. water bottle etc.


Back and Abs

  • Dead lift x 10 (weighted if you have some)
  • Bent over Row x 10 (weighted)
  • Supine Over Head Press x 10 (weighted)
  • Repeat 3 sets of these exercises.


  • Reverse curls x 20
  • mountain climbers x 20
  • Jack knifes x 20
  • Repeat 3 sets of the abdominal exercises


Home Exercise Program www.justtessa.com


Legs and Abs

  • sit to stand x 10 (weighted)
  • squat x 10 (weighted)
  • side lunge (to the side) x 10 (weighted if you want)
  • calf raises x 10
  • Repeat 3 sets


  • Burpee x 10
  • Side plank hold 30 seconds each side
  • Repeat Abdominal 3 sets


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Home Exercise Program www.justtessa.com

Arms and Abs

  • shoulder press x 10, lateral raises x 10, front raises x 10
  • Bicep curls x 10
  • dips x 10
  • Repeat 3 sets


  • weighted sit ups x 20  (weighted)
  • Russian Twists x 20  (weighted)
  • Repeat abdominal 3 sets


This program is meant to be broken into 3 days. You could do it in consecutive days or you could have days off between. It is completely up to you and what state of health and fitness you are starting at.  I hope you enjoy it and let me know in comments on Facebook or Instagram.