Have You Completed Your Home Workout Today ?

Have You Completed Your Home Workout Today ?


So we are all aware that gyms are closed. So I will re ask my question. Have you completed your home workout today?

If your answer was NO then I can help you with that. Here is your workout for today.


Have You Completed Your Home Workout Today ? www.justtessa.com

Home Workout Circuit

If you have a Stationary Bike or a Treadmill at home then you could complete 30 mins of cardio before doing the weights. If you do not have any equipment at home, don’t Panic. You can still go for a walk by yourself outside, as long as you keep your social distance. Or you could also complete 5 mins of skipping or take your bike for a spin. if you are completely stuck you can do as what my family calls it “Loony Laps” around the house.

Once you have completed some form of cardio, at least 30 mins.It is time to start your weights circuit. Now you can do these exercises with weights if you have them. If you do not have any weights at home you can use water bottles filled with water. Remember 1 litre of water is 1 kg in weight.

You have to Complete each Round Twice.

After each round you have to complete 3 mins of Cardio (your choice of machine)

Round 1

  • walk forward, walk back (inch worms) x 10
  • touch forward push ups x 10
  • mountain climbers x 20
  • Reverse curls x 20

Round 2

  • sit to stand with a shoulder press x 10
  • dead lift x 10
  • standing lateral raises x 10
  • triceps dips x 10

Round 3

  • bur-pee x 10
  • bench DB Row x 10 each side
  • bicep curls x 10


To finish make sure you slowly cool down and stretch your muscles. Don’t just sit down and watch Netflix, that will make you sore. Cool down slowly with movement and stretches so you have ready for tomorrows home workout.


For those that need some extra support during this time. Have a look at what these guys do. They are so supportive and the message they spread is amazing. Livin!

Have You Completed Your Home Workout Today ? www.justtessa.com

Have Fun!