Finding Your Why?

Finding Your Why?


Finding your Why, the meaning of why you want to exercise. Is it worth thinking about? Does it matter?

If you have been lacking motivation to exercise during Covid 19 and staying home. It could be because you don’t know your why? Why you like to exercise, why you started in the first place and what results you wanted to get from working out.

It is important to know your why. It gives you purpose to train, it gives you value in working out and it allows you to follow your passion in life and to update your personal and life skills through the increase motivation and self belief.

What is the purpose of exercise. Health and lifestyle benefits of course. The benefits of exercise and training are widely published. We all know them and we all what them. This could be part of your reason to why you train. But without understating that the benefits of exercise is a good reason to train. Understanding that finding your Why is a multi dimensional matter is even more important.

Having just one reason why is not enough. It wont sustain your exercise journey through your life span. Which is probably why people fall on and off the health and fitness phenomenon. This industry is riddled with fake and bogus gimmicks and false advertising. What industry doesn’t have that. But you will need to dig a little deeper within yourself to find your why to enable your longevity with your health and fitness journey. I have a hot tip, gimmicks will never work. It takes hard work, determination, unwavering motivation and a passion for it. To find what they are for yourself and what drives you. You need to find your Why. Once you have found your why everything becomes easier.