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Is Flexibility Important ? /

Is Flexibility Important?

Is Flexibility Important? Yes! Flexibility refers to the range of motion in a joint or a group of joints. It is the ability to move joints through complete range of motion and the level of muscle lengths. Flexibility is important to your Training and overall Health. It helps decrease stress and improves the way your […]

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Weight Training Circuit to Improve Your Running /

Weight Training Circuit To Improve Your Running

Weight Training Circuit To Improve Your Running Weight Training is essential for anyone and everyone. Runners that includes you. Weight Training builds strength, improves balance and co ordination which improves your running. The Weight Circuit combines strength or balance exercise with interval running. I use a One to One ratio. One Minute of weights with […]

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Organisational Skills /

I Have Organisational Skills…..

I Have Organisational Skills….. Organisational Skills are needed and vital this day and age. The ability to manage Work,  Mothering and a Healthy Lifestyle requires skills. Organisational Skills requires planning, scheduling and motivation.   Now, I am not about tooting your own horn. But in this circumstance I will. I have Organisation Skills! I know […]

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It All Starts With Self Care/

5 Tips For Self Care

5 Tips For Self Care. Self Care has both mental and physical components. It can be any activity that you do deliberately in order to take care of yourself. Good Self care is important in order to live a healthy “self loving” life.  It has come to my attention lately that my friends and family […]

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Why some days you just have to rest with your feet up...../

Some Days You Just Have to Rest with Your Feet Up!

Some Days You Just Have to Rest with Your Feet Up! Do you ever get the feeling when you have been exercising you little heart out,  that you feel like your getting bigger and not smaller? Do you sometimes get the feeling that your are losing your cardiovascular fitness level and your strength all at […]

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Are You Drinking Too Many Calories?/

Devastating Low to Exponential High!

Devastating Low to Exponential High! Sometimes in life things travel south, a straight line, to rock bottom. Things don’t seem to go right and everything starts to fall apart from all angles in your life, and you feel like you don’t know what to do next……have you been there? I know I have been there […]

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Focus and Connect /

Focus and Connect

Focus and Connect Do these words resonate with you in any way shape or form? If not they should!   The meaning of Focus is the centre of interest and activity. To pay particular attention to. The meaning of connect is to bring together, establish a real link. So why am I mentioning these words? […]

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How Many Times A Week Should I Run?/

What Type of “EXERCISER” are you?

What Type of  “EXERCISER ” are you?  There is not just one way to achieve your goals, You just have to be following the right Program for you! Look I am a Personal Trainer (Qualified Exercise Physiologist actually) It is my job to advise and help you train to achieve your goals. However, I can […]

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Back to School /

You Think I’m a Bad Mother Because of THAT?

You Think I’m a Bad Mother Because of THAT? This week I was I was judged and criticised for being a fitness mum  from a mother who told other people that I’m a bad mother because I did a triathlon… WTF? Really? Is that what you think of me because I take the time to […]

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Weight Circuit To Improve Your Running /

My Week in Review…

My Week in Review… Busy busy busy to say the least. A week of work,  dance teaching and Personal Training and working on here of course (computering is not my strong point yet). I have been working late nights and I have been getting up super early  to train, which is fine normally but lately […]

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